Highway Society

Dec 7, 2015,  re-written June, 2020 Motorway, Freeway, Autoroute; traffic the common pool. A constant roar. Brake lights flashing on, as the downs come out of the ups of speed. Red lights spotting in the grey murk of the rain. Some drivers are citizens of courtesy, smoothness and aesthetics. Others thrust in and out, get … Continue reading Highway Society

Siren Song Of The Glued Thrush

Oct 31, 2009 The sound sifts up through the tree tops and, tired by their long swoop from the north, they swing in to its familiar beauty, not noting the thin pitch of alarm that was tainting the flute. Too late they sense the fear in the eyes of their friends whose limbs are strained … Continue reading Siren Song Of The Glued Thrush