Manchester’s Airport- Landings To Take Off (A prophetic allegory)

Sept 29, 2015 The sleek-bellied beasts slide in, one after another. Each erstwhile roar is hushed to a hum in the final glide, wing tips dipping to the close suburban chimneys. The flow of craft is endless; a fixed plan of approach towards the outstretched runway, another world pushing down on this one. I watch … Continue reading Manchester’s Airport- Landings To Take Off (A prophetic allegory)

Ships And Pilots Gone

Dec 3, 2015 On a recent morning while walking across the modern footbridge towards the equally modern building where I work on the edge of the Mersey, I noticed two men ahead of me. They walked side by side with a certain easy, confident pace. Not with the head-down-don’t-want-to-be-here dragging feet of the typical office … Continue reading Ships And Pilots Gone

Highway Society

Dec 7, 2015,  re-written June, 2020 Motorway, Freeway, Autoroute; traffic the common pool. A constant roar. Brake lights flashing on, as the downs come out of the ups of speed. Red lights spotting in the grey murk of the rain. Some drivers are citizens of courtesy, smoothness and aesthetics. Others thrust in and out, get … Continue reading Highway Society