Tuesdays Walking With Ida

Nov 11, 2009

She has the energy of seven.

On one of the walks she shared more with Pat about the stroke.

Her recovery took one and half years.

Even in hospital she went about reforming.

She yelled at doctors who used the strike to sit in back rooms smoking,

While in the corridors and wards

Patients needed help.

She wrote to the authorities about it.

While recovering from her stroke

Her son told her he is gay.

This came after she had committed with him to starting the Bistro.

It’s how they had arrived in our village.

She asked him, close to palpitations,

How did he think he would survive in a village of hunters?

But the hunters were tolerant,

And her son soon fled for other reasons;

A controlling lover who demanded his return to the city.

Pat has been fond of her Tuesday walks with Ida.

And when she told her that she must return to America

To see her daughters and take care of some business,

Ida sagged, close to tears,

Took her by the shoulders and said, ‘Je t’aime’.

Pat. She sees the same in you that I do.

Hasten your return. Je t’aime.

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