Expanded Introduction to ‘Before Dawn’

Following is the original introduction to my book with some added notes and thoughts.

These 28 sequential readings may be of use for those of you who wish to question; you who have realised that things are not quite how they should be in your world. At the first reading it may be best to follow the sequence to understand how the message develops. Then if you would like to take time to meditate about these thoughts you could spend 28 days considering one thought per day, or 28 weeks, or 28 years!  You may find that there is nothing ‘new’ in these words for indeed this message has appeared in many forms through the ages of earth. Then again you may discover that the more you turn back to the ideas on any page more will come from them, according to your status in time. Let it be then that those who want to know more may find more in the repetitive dance of the days. And so your journey shall begin. Never let another deter you from it. Take only a few moments to stop and reflect upon one of the notions herein. May you be refreshed by the experience!  So be it.

The basis of this work came by inspiration to the author in one session of pen to paper in 1989. Some editing was done (again by inspiration) in April 2009, with a sense of urgency that this must now be released.

The author is available to provide workshops on some of the themes contained in ‘Before Dawn’

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