June 27, 2006

Terroir is a study of heat that stifles and scorches the ground,

Which itself in each inimitable meter

Is a building of minerals and brown death

From which the vine roots draw its hopeless

Signature in the first new form of blood,

Pressing full on each round membrane.

And when the searing is enough,

And the unpalatable earth is spent bleeding

New embryos into gorged dark skins,

They are plucked,

Never born but squelched dry.

Unrelenting cannibals lie in wait.

Then with precision on the given day

Earth’s immaculate blood is taken,

And each molecule of duress from that unique

Round meter is rolled within the animal nostrils,

Is slipped around the tongue,

Is laid upon the throat,

And a magenta paradise illuminates the unworthy skull.

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