Highway Society

Dec 7, 2015,  re-written June, 2020 Motorway, Freeway, Autoroute; traffic the common pool. A constant roar. Brake lights flashing on, as the downs come out of the ups of speed. Red lights spotting in the grey murk of the rain. Some drivers are citizens of courtesy, smoothness and aesthetics. Others thrust in and out, get … Continue reading Highway Society

On Saughall Farmland, An Era Later

c. 2015, re-written July 2020 The jackdaws have increased by hundreds, while the crows remain. The sky is grey and consuming; I glimpse spectres within its alluring shrouds, As though this bleak room between engulfing sky and mud That I entered as a child Takes now the shape of my exit. All the denying sun … Continue reading On Saughall Farmland, An Era Later

When Again The Darkness Has Swallowed The Sun

June 6, 2004 When again the darkness has swallowed the sun, You carry a pain like cancer. Who would speak of playmates now? Perhaps we should. Though your depths were often profound and dark, Your soul would spring away once more, Higher and lighter than mine, And you would dance above me Like an Angel, … Continue reading When Again The Darkness Has Swallowed The Sun