For Those Who Are Questioning- Before Dawn- Reading 1

A lonely life you lead.

Lonelier still at the height of day

When you peer for answers through a blinding sun,

Or when lost without shelter in the driving rain.

So many times will you wonder

If your life means this or that,

But the story will always unfold

At the unexpected hour.

So many others have heard this.

So many have yet to see.

Reach for one truth at a time

And watch it open before you.

You may grab at straws and sink;

But you will rise again,

And though gasping, spluttering,

You will always move forward;

Whereas looking back will show you

Nowhere to return.

In time you will remember this day

As an ancient stepping stone

On the path to Sublimity,

And even then you will recognise

That you are but passing

Another ancient mark.

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