Notes As Though A Visitor – Blog Introduction

England gives me culture shock. Of 80+ countries visited or dwelled in it’s the only one where I feel like an alien (Right now I am living in North Wales and looking down my nose at the border). I have lived and worked in USA, France and now returned to the UK, where I was born and nearly erased. I still plan to finish my days in North America.

Along the way I have written notes, observations, stories and poems, marking my soul’s path towards better and worse. I am now converting them into blogs, where they may supplement my memoirs (see menu). First ones up are ‘NOTES FROM A SOUTHERN PLACE’ (France) and ‘NOTES FROM A NORTHERN PLACE’ (Britain). Other Places to come are AMERICAN, WELSH and PANDEMIC. I will continue to write fresh blog posts as well as regularly upload the older stuff.

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